RSS said nice things about my band….

03 Jul

…The Pluto Tapes… …and it said them here….

…oh, what the heck. I’ll brag.


“An Ether selection from a week ago, Pop Bubblegum Trash informed us about another Massachusetts outfit called The Pluto Tapes. And like PBT (our abbrev., not theirs), this is a sound that seems to be stuck–or perhaps lingering is a better word–in the best part of the 1980’s. Listen to “Eddie’s House”: cool riffs, melody, synth in moderation… that’s pop bliss, folks. I thought this “Sounds Like” was quite appropriate: “Either a nihilistic U2 or an idealistic Cure.” Check em out on MySpace right now, and buy their album on iTunes.”

I’m pop bliss. I’m doing a little dance right the hell now., or iTunes. Especially iTunes, because then you can pay me for my songs, and I like money. Especially for art. I am a ho.

You should also check out my friend Chris’s band, PopBubblegumTrash, at Appropriately enough.


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One response to “ said nice things about my band….

  1. ChrisClark

    July 3, 2007 at 4:32 am

    Yay! I’m glad they checked you out. I was so surprised by their inclusion of PBT on their site, and I figured I should spread the word about The Pluto Tapes while I could. After all, you have an album out, and I don’t, so you stand to make some coin from the promotion.

    Reminds me that I should get off my ass and record a follow-up. It’s only, like, eight years later…


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