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11 Jul

Two months ago, I started dissecting CSI, paying special attention to the accidentally-hilarious episode in which a psychotic Robot Wars geek uses his machine to butcher one of his opponents. CSI: New York has now attempted to top this, with an episode in which a crazed magician starts murdering people in the style of well-known stage illusions, starting with a woman who’s sawn in half while she’s still alive. This sort of thing would be perfectly acceptable if the killer were played by Vincent Price, but sadly, this is a programme which seriously believes itself to be set in something like the real world. However, if anybody involved in the CSI franchise should happen to read this, then I have an even better idea for the next season. It’s about a pair of medical-students-cum-serial-killers who kidnap teenage girls and use them to play real-life games of Operation, wiring the victims up to car batteries so that their noses glow whenever the players get careless with their scalpels. The CSI team begins to investigate after police find a partly-dissected body which literally has butterflies in its stomach, and Grissom gets to say ‘looks like somebody’s hit the funny bone’ before the soundtrack goes nyyyyyyow and the titles kick in.

-Lawrence Miles, creator of Faction Paradox and many other things besides, on his blog.

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