twenty-eight muppet massacres

26 Aug

So, when no one was looking, I turned 28 years young.  I wrote some bleeding geekery about my birthday and junk here (LJ)  and here (myspace) that you can only read if we’re friends (you may need to sign in to read either) cuz I go off on some b.s.

However, it should be mentioned that Amelie got me the second season of The Muppet Show on DVD, which made me insanely happy, because I loves me some Muppets.  

I also loves me some ProgressiveBoink.  I’ve been a sad ProgressiveBoink fanboy for quite some time now, especially their lists of stuff, and lo and behold, they’ve gone and published a list of the top 50 muppets.  It’s not just a list, you see; it’s more of an exploration of changing themes and tastes in the Muppet universe that uses the format of the list to break everything down into sensibly sized pieces. 

Oh, and these people hate Elmo.   Check out the entry on Prairie Dawn, for example:

“Elmo is the most popular character on Sesame Street. Kids get their parents to buy them Elmo toys, Elmo books, Elmo shirts, Elmo CDs, Elmo DVDs, Elmo shoes and Elmo cakes for their birthdays. They show up to zoos and ask to see Elmo instead of elephants or tigers. Somewhere down the line someone decided that since Elmo is a boy, little girls can’t relate to him so they created Zoe for gender balance. That’s right. Sesame Street, a show that has always had black, whites, asians, hispanics, muppets, cows, birds, bears, and chickens and things was worried that there wasn’t something for girls.

Many years before Zoe was even imagined, Prairie Dawn existed. She was a little pink girl who wore picnic table dresses and liked to put on plays. She was mature and wanted to be a journalist and a writer. She had something to her rather than just being a tan colored Elmo puppet with eyeshadow and jewelry and a tutu on. Remember that someday, when you’re flipping through the channels and stop on PBS to find Elmo and Zoe and a retarded bear floating on a CGI background, one of those floaties should be Prairie Dawn, sitting at a piano, trying to get Cookie Monster to say his lines and get over his stage fright and dramatically announce that he is a rain cloud.”

Good stuff.  Check it out.  Part two is here.

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Posted by on August 26, 2007 in bleeding geekery, not me, tv


One response to “twenty-eight muppet massacres

  1. Bill D.

    August 27, 2007 at 8:31 am

    Okay, so this description of Elmo, and the current state of the Street as a whole –

    “He’s important to about six generations of little kids now because every current episode of Sesame Street is 5% old Bert and Ernie sketches, 5% of Cookie Monster sternly suggesting that kids should eat their vegetables but not too sternly because we don’t want to frighten the kids or provide them with a situation requiring decision or choice, and 90% Elmo, girl Elmo, and the gay Jewish Lisping Child Bear standing around, gesturing with their hands, and screaming about themselves.”

    – could not be more correct. I keep meaning to get that old school Sesame Street DVD set in order to show Liam the way real Sesame Street should be, except that I know he’d probably hate the distinct lack of the little furry dictator.


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