sometimes my job is pretty cool

27 Aug

Yeah, so we just hired Iann Robinson (formerly of MTV/MTV2) as a DJ on WBCN.  He’s an exceptionally nice dude who truly loves music and knows his stuff.

 Tonight, Hardy called me in the middle of his shift.  He had to leave due to a family emergency and, as I am a whore who’ll do anything for a buck a good friend and dedicated employee, I hopped on my bike and high-tailed it to the station to take over.  And there was Iann, learning the ropes.   He’s done lots of TV, but not so much radio, so I was showing him how to take calls and run the board and he wound up co-hosting my show for two hours. 

So, despite not knowing where I’m going to live at the end of the week, and having a sore throat, and being generally pissed at the world at large, and having a LOT of packing to do…. tonight was pretty cool.

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Posted by on August 27, 2007 in music, radio


One response to “sometimes my job is pretty cool

  1. ChrisClark

    August 28, 2007 at 7:45 am

    Dude, I love Iann. There was an article in the Lowell Sun a few weeks ago (maybe a couple months, now) about him and a buddy doing comics together in the area. Anyway, he’s awesome, and now I have another reason to tune into BCN besides my pal Andy.


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