songs you don’t know: “Walk Like A Zombie”, The Horrorpops

01 Sep

The Horrorpops

I normally try to keep my personal life off this blog, but it should be noted that I’ve recently started dating the most incredible woman ever.  She tries to keep a low web profile on account of being a teacher and, well, just being wise to the spooky power of Google, so I’ll refer to her as Amelie, because that’s like her favorite movie and that’s what she calls herself online.  So there.

In addition to all the other awesome things about her (she reads Chuck Palahniuk and Ramona Quimby with equal vigor, she likes a pint of Magners every now and then, she’s a comedic genius, she helped me move, etc.), she makes the best mix CDs ever.  The first one she made me had all sorts of awesomeness on it, but the song that really grabbed me was track five, by a band called The Horrorpops, called “Walk Like A Zombie.” Lord, it’s beautiful and strange.


The Horrorpops are a psychobilly band from Los Angeles via Denmark.  “Psychobilly,” if you don’t know, is basically rockabilly-meets-punk that borrows aesthetic and visual elements from old ’50s sci-fi/horror films.  Hence a song like “Walk Like A Zombie,”  It’s about zombies and cemetaries, and it’s happy and creepy and catchy.  Ultimately, though, it’s a love song about two strange people who find each other and are perfectly okay with the strangeness of the other.  “And all the flowers that you bring are always dead/and you howl at the moon, but I don’t care.”  I mean… awwwwwww

It’s a classic song, and you should definitely go out right now and pick up their album, Bring It On.  Or, find yourself a classy and strange dame that makes hip mix CDs.  You can’t have Amelie, though, she’s taken.

Here’s a Nightmare Before Christmas fanvid I found on YouTube that uses the song.  Tim Burton and The Horrorpops are a match made in somewhere that isn’t quite heaven, but probably should be.


One response to “songs you don’t know: “Walk Like A Zombie”, The Horrorpops

  1. Amelie

    September 3, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    How nifty! Through the magic of film editing the story of Jack and Sally has a whole new dimmension.

    Here’s more fun with your favorite Horrorpops song. I couldn’t find the full length video anywhere but this little tidbit rocked my socks off…


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