why do the VMAs suck?

10 Sep

I’m gonna make like a Christian Fundamentalist here and trash something without actually having seen it.  But, come on; did I need to sit through the VMAs to know they’d suck?

The following headline greeted me on Yahoo! this morning:


..followed by a pouty little picture of Ms. Spears, well, flopping at the VMAs.

::sigh:: I caught a little bit of her performance on Yahoo! video, and they’re right. She’s listless, she looks bored, she looks like she’s walking through it, she looks tired, blah blah blah. Which is strange, considering what a solid performer she’s always been. I’m actually serious. In the past, I’ve seen her singing okay lipsynching and dancing around and basically acting out the song and, as soon as I’ve gotten done cursing the pop world for the shallow, over-produced, plastic pretend-music it forces down our throats, I’ve thought, “Wow. One human being is doing all that stuff at once. For four minutes straight. On national TV. That’s kind of impressive.”

Madonna can still do it, but I think that’s because she reinvents herself every few years and comes out with something different, something more along the lines of what comes naturally to her at the time. She wants to release a book of pseudo-Mapplethorpe erotica? She does it. She wants to be sorta punk? She does that. She wants to release an electronica tune? Behold, “Ray of Light,” which rocks, shut up. Whereas Britney in 2007 still looks like she sorta wants to be Britney in 2000. She’s not. She’s seven years older, she’s had a kid, and her performance has kinda confirmed what some of us have thought all along: there’s really not a lot there.

However, I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice person.

Also, according to Yahoo!News, Justin Timberlake told MTV that they should be playing more videos before being whisked off by his bodyguards. I don’t know if those two things were actually connected, but the Yahoo! people are trying to make it sound like they were, and who are we to question them? If Justin posed a threat to someone by saying that (or vice versa), then it’s a sad commentary on our culture; the most revolutionary and dangerous thing that someone can do is to go onto a TV network and accuse them of not doing their job.

MC Lars, in “Download This Song,” told record companies that they were running their labels like it was 1992. MTV still thinks it’s maybe 2000, the last time they were at all relevant, and that’s even sadder.

All right. I’ve got an online Digital Audio Production course to work on today. Time to single handedly save the music industry from itself.


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3 responses to “why do the VMAs suck?

  1. Amelie

    September 10, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    To me the big difference between somebody like Madonna and somebody like Brittney Spears is that for better or worse, even when it’s just a ploy to get back into the national consciousness, Madonna has always been in control of her own image. To me Madonna’s career is like one huge experiment to see what our culture’s gonna buy (or be shocked by) and what we’re not going to accept. She’s enjoying herself and clearly doesn’t give a fuck what other people think of her, that’s why she’s become such an icon.
    Somebody like Britney is a prop. There’s been somebody else pulling the strings of her career telling her what to do and what to say since she started out. Regardless of whether she has a glorious JT (That’s Justin, to you) like comeback or flops nobody cares, they’re making money either way. Her perfromance last night was a joke. No manager who really thought she would be capable of a true comeback would put her up on stage obviously strung out, wearing an unflattering costume and slugging thorugh recycled dance moves looking like a talent show reject. Her people didn’t have to work on an original and excited comeback because they know what everyone but Brit herself knows, that she’s only worth something as a curiosity now. Brittney is a train wreck that the American people will watch over and over again and the people around her are exploiting that fact. I for one am embarassed to watch a troubled, naive woman who’s never been on her own and is (I think) honestly trying to please fans who’ve long since forgotten her and be manipulated by her handlers.

    Ms. Spears, here’s some free advice for you, dump your manager, give your kids to K-Fed (who’s parenting skills actually seem to outshine his meager rapping skills) and for fuck’s sake get away from that God awful trailer trash family of yours. Go to rehab, go back to school, get a career that has NOTHING to do with show business, settle down somewhere and have a normal life.

  2. geekusa

    September 12, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    Spot on, Amelie. Well played. :claps:

    There was an article on that said more or less the same thing, that she’s being “set up to fail” because we like building people up and then tearing them down again. Someone like Madonna kind of surfs that wave by always having half the people in the world hate her and half the people love her. Britney, though, was America’s sweetheart/wet dream, and NOW she’s a national joke, and there’s no middle ground.

    I’ve always thought that Britney coming out of a rest stop bathroom barefoot, or doing any of the other white trash stuff that she does, is her desperate attempt to be normal when she never, ever has been. She was a child beauty queen, and then came the Mickey Mouse club, and then came “Baby, One More Time”, and then… dabadabada. You’re right that she’s been puppet mastered since birth, and she doesn’t know how to be a human being.

    I don’t know if she’d ever be able to have a “normal life”, but she should probably lay low for a while and somehow do the Debbie Gibson thing, where she sort of gives up the pop scene and occasionally shows up on Broadway playing Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” or something. Then again, Debbie wrote her own songs and managed a lot of her own career, even at age 16, on account of being a pop diva who also happened to be a child prodigy. Britney… needs someone to sit her down and say “darling, maybe it’s time for a break.”

    The really scary thing is this: I’ve never been a fan of Ms. Spears’ music or career or anything like that, and yet due to the onslaught of day-in, day-out coverage of her “crazy phase,” I know enough about her to write a pretty sizable blog entry AND comment. I don’t know what this means, but I’m still frightened.


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