10 Songs I Love Right Now: Sept. ’07 edition

14 Sep

1) The Campaign for Real-Time, “Hey (Hey) Hey”

In the best interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I’m a casually friendly acquaintance/messenger and propagandist for this band, one of the most exciting to come out of Boston, Massachusetts since forever.   Their new EP, L.A. Tracks (1933-1969) is now available where all fine time travellin’ tunes are sold, and this particular one is an atmospheric, “Kashmir/Bullet The Blue Skies” type stomp with a chorus that will make you want to take over the damn world or something.

2. “Girl/Boy Song,” Aphex Twin

It’s a string quartet playing a Baroque-sounding piece with Aphex Twin 1,000BMP drums cutting in and out, here and there.  This shouldn’t work together well at all, but it does.  Sort of like girls and boys.

3. “Rockers To Swallow”, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Another stomper, another EP.  The Is Is EP is available on iTunes, and I’d tell ya that it’s some of the Yeahs best stuff, but I haven’t gotten past this one song.  It’s that crazy cool.  Be warned that if you’re listening to it on your iPod while walking somewhere, you may find yourself bouncing and swaggering and, consequently, embarrassing yourself.

4) “Turkish Song Of The Damned”, The Pogues

Going back to 1986 here, when Shane McGowan still fronted the band and I would have killed to have seen them live. 

5) “Take Me To The Riot”, Stars

In Our Bedroom After The War, the latest album by Stars, is historically important already.  Their label was sitting on it, refusing to release it, postponing it, being basically dumb about it in the way that labels are.  So, the band decides “Hey, it’s 2007, we don’t need no steenking label,” and releases it to iTunes on their damn own.  God bless ’em.  “Take Me To The Riot” is highly recommended if you like Morrissey’s better solo stuff and Unforgettable Fire era U2; it’s that kind of thing, although the whole album is full of interesting and catchy stuff.  Labels are stupid.

6) “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots”, The Flaming Lips

Okay, okay, I’m really behind the curve on this one, I get it.  However, I’m dating the world’s biggest Flaming Lips fan now, and I’m realising how completely lacking my life has been of Wayne Conye and company.   This is a truly great song, despite sounding a lot like “Ziggy Stardust,” and I love the line “those evil natured robots/are destined to destroy us.”  It’s awkward and cute and quirky and I get it now.  Sheesh.

7)  “Big Wheel”, Tori Amos

Dear Myra Ellen “Tori” Amos –

I officially forgive you for The Beekeeper


p.s. M-I-L-F-don’t-you-forget.  Hell yeah.

8 ) “Stoopid Ass”, Grand Theft Audio

You know how sometimes you’ve got your iTunes on shuffle and something comes up you haven’t listened to since, say, 2000 when you may or may not have gone through a brief nu-metal phase?   And you know how sometimes you lurch for your computer to change the track and then you think, you know what, no one’s home, let’s give this tune another listen.  And then you catch yourself kinda loving it?  Yeah. 

9) “Somebody To Shove”, Soul Asylum

Almost the same thing, except that instead of lurching for the computer in defence of whatever indie cred I have left, I just said “niiiiiiiice!”

10) “Ultimate”, Gogol Bordello

They’re playing around these parts come October, and I’ve never seen them and supposedly that means I’ve never experienced the Gypsy Punk valhalla that is Gogol Bordello.  I really really like their music on record, though, and this is the first track from their latest release Super Taranta!  “There were never any good old days/they are today, they are tomorrow.”  Simple, but I like it.

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One response to “10 Songs I Love Right Now: Sept. ’07 edition

  1. Bill D.

    September 16, 2007 at 11:35 am

    Oh, man, I want to listen to Somebody To Shove right this very instant now, and I don’t even think I have it on the pod for some reason. I’d curse your very name for putting me in this predicament, except that’d probably take too much effort right now. But if I wasn’t so lazy, oh yeah, you’d be well and good cursed.


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