sally field gets bleeped like a motha’

17 Sep

Last night, they held the Emmys.  Now, occasionally I’ll watch these awards, but it’s not a big deal if I miss it.  If, for instance, there’s a Sox-Yankees game and a Pats-Chargers game on at the exact same time, I’ll opt for one of those two.  The Oscars… well, now, life shuts down for the damn Oscars.  Turn off the phone, barricade myself in my apartment with a large pepperoni-mushroom pizza and a six pack of beer time, the Oscars are.  This is probably because, if you were to watch enough nominated movies to care what’s going on, you’d only have given up about 20 hours of your life.  If you were to watch enough nominated TV shows to care, you’d have to give up about 20 hours a week, and frankly, I’d rather do other stuff.

So, at the moment, I don’t know if the handful of nominated shows I care about (Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica maybe, and House when I’m really bored) won or not.   However, no sooner did I sit down at this computer terminal at the Malden Public Library to check my e-mail than did I find… okay, I don’t know how to properly and non-awkwardly end this sentence.  Point is, they censored Sally Field.

See, Ms. Field, in her acceptance speech, said something along the lines of “if this world were run by mothers, there would be no goddamn wars,” and the Fox network dropped out for the goddamn, and just happened to drop out for the whole statement.  I’m sure this is just a coincidence.

There’s a better writeup of this whole incident over here,  but what I wonder is this: did Fox object to a) the “goddamn”, b) the “goddamn wars”, or c) the bit about the world being run by mothers?  Because anyone can come along and say “Bush sucks” or what have you, but to drive home the point of “war is stupid because people die” in such a direct and emotional and raw way… maybe you don’t want such language on your network.

Here’s the uncensored version for your viewing pleasure.  A word of warning: Ms. Fields says “goddamn” in reference to something God, according to scripture, actually did damn. 

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