songs you don’t know: Aberdeen City, “God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me”

26 Sep

Yeah, I’m just getting into this song now. Yeah, yeah. Technically it’s been out since 2005. Technically it won a Boston Music Award for Best Local Song before it was even released that year. And supposedly Amanda Palmer chose it as her second “Karaoke Verite” song… more on that later… so I’m behind the hipster curve by a bit.

Matter of fact, it didn’t sink in as a song until I heard it this morning on KEXP, a Seattle-based radio station that actually plays really good alternative music and happens to stream it world-wide. It’s now my new favorite thing and you really have to listen to them. In other words….

…I had to listen to a Seattle station to hear a song by a band from Boston. Uh-huh. Let’s let that sink in and continue.

The song itself takes the idea of “God fearin'” to the next level, casting Him as the vengeful God bleated about by many a fundie. The narrator fears that God has the power to strike him down and make it look like an accident. And it’s all over an extra-firm mattress of post-punk guitars and tight snare rolls.

The video, which we see here, does some cool stuff with ripped up photographs coming to life. I’m assuming they used color separation and spliced the band in with you don’t care do you?

This is probably going to be my favorite song for a while and you may have to put up with it if you’re around me.

Aberdeen City, by the way, recently played a few shows in Boston as Amanda Palmer’s backing band. There’s a mutual affection between the City boys and the Dresden doll; she recorded a “karaoke verite” of an Aberdeen City tune (karaoke verite is a phrase coined by Miss Palmer for “making your own music video for a song where you lip synch it and there’s edits and stuff.”) which can be viewed below:

Yes, I am slightly in love with Amanda Palmer. By the way, does anyone want to make one of these karaoke verite things sometime? It sounds like it’d be a good way to kill a few afternoons.


One response to “songs you don’t know: Aberdeen City, “God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me”

  1. Amanda

    September 29, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    Yes. We should chat.

    They wave Derek Jacobi as The Master in my face and then rip him away.

    It’s wrong and bad. And right, but then they rip him…away…

    And, I’ll make you a Karaoke Verite. Is this going straight to YouTube?


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