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oh god no please no don’t aaaugh

I was having such a productive life.  A decently high profile job at a major radio station.  Acting gigs.  Directing gigs.  A full-length album of songs I wrote, performed, recorded, and produced all on my own.  A girlfriend… A girlfriend, for heavens sake.  A social life full of friends and love and parties and people – real people – I care deeply about.

And then they had to go and announce this game.  It’s the geekiest geek game ever geeked.  It’s Warcrack, but nerdier.  It is a game which seems to be the culmination of all of my 10 year old fantasies, featuring the ability to live in an ideal world full of adventure and Tribbles. It’s…

Star Trek: Online.

It’s an online, multi-player role playing game in real time set in the Star Trek universe, and it’s coming out early next year.

I’m gonna miss you guys.

There’s a reason I don’t play these games – I find them so fascinating that it’s conceivable that I’d do nothing but play them.  Well, that, and I feel sort of sad when I do play them.  Second Life, for instance, just makes me feel lame.   This one, though… sounds… so… damned.. cool?  I mean, you can like play as a Cardassian and stuff!

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free taco day!

It is officially free taco day at Taco Bell from 2-5pm today.  Go, get thyself some Grade E beef.


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one o’ them meme things: the play-count thingy

Here’s the deal:

1) open your most used digital music player. If you use your laptop to listen to music, that means your laptop. If you use your iPod or other portable iPod-like thingy, that’s what I mean.

2) using whatever means you would use to do this, arrange your songs by “Play count.”

3) post your top 10 “most listened to” songs.
“Love Like Winter”, A.F.I.

“Song For New Amsterdam”, The Campaign for Real Time

“Apartment Story”, The National

“ADJustments”, The Campaign For Real Time

“Memory”, Sugarcult

“Slow Show”, The National

“I Still Remember”, Bloc Party

“Delilah”, The Dresden Dolls

“Map of the Problematique”, MUSE

“Rebellion (Lies)”, The Arcade Fire

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Best team ever

The Boston Red Sox have won their second World Series title this decade.  There’s so much I could say about the team this year – how the rookies and the veterans contributed equally to the success, how the heroes were inevitably the people you least expected, how tight and hard working the team seemed this year, how confident and loose and headstrong – but if you followed them this year, you know all that. 

Besides, Beth’s gonna put it better than me.

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Again, this happened like a week ago, but I just heard about it and it kinda pisses me off.  Rep. Steve King of Iowa has a cute new name for the SCHIP program: according to him, it stands for “Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents.”  Well, haw haw, Steve.  Haw haw haw.

There are, if you hadn’t guessed, several things wrong with this.  The first thing is that the SCHIP program is very different from the so-called “Hillary-Care” program of the early 90s.  Also, it doesn’t cover illegal immigrants.  Also, it doesn’t cover anyone’s parents.  So, in other words, the distinguished gentleman from Iowa is more full of crap than a Porta-John at Bonnaroo.

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i can has talented friends?: cursed to first

If you like baseball… no, scratch that, if you like reading, then you need to read Beth’s latest Cursed To First entry, The Papajima Show, about Game Two of the 2007 World Series.

I was at rehearsal (see below) and missed it, but luckilly, there’s Beth to tell us what the game was like:

I have never actually cried about baseball, but last night was the closest I’ve probably ever come. Curt is almost assuredly not going to be with us next year, and after seeing how out of gas he was last night, I am hoping he doesn’t have to make another appearance in this World Series if we can at all help it. And so last night was not just Curt Schilling’s second World Series win in Boston–it was probably goodbye.

“Bittersweet” doesn’t begin to describe the feeling I had watching that scarlet “38” disappear into the dugout last night. I don’t care what anyone says about Curt Schilling’s persona or his politics, between the white lines of the baseball field, he has done everything he ever promised to do. On the mound, when it truly mattered, nights he bore our colors on his back, and our hearts and remaining shreds of sanity on his right arm, Curt Schilling has not let us down. Not in New York in 2004, not in Boston in 2004, and not against Anaheim, Cleveland and now Colorado in 2007.

It will never be the same team without him.

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Tomes of Terror II: A Staged Radio Thrillogy

All right –  I’m appearing in the coolest show ever.  It’s a live action radio play, with people making live sound effects – ya know, the coconuts for the horses and the whatnot.  

October 29, 30, 31 at the First Parish Church in Somerville, MA.  The craziness commences at 7:30pm.  It’s spoooooky.

Behold our mighty press release (below the cut):

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