don’t taze me, bro

04 Oct

I was going to go off on the “Tazer Incident” with the student and the campus police and the John Kerry and the whatnot, but everything I’d have to say, Tom the Dancing Bug says better.

Here’s the video, if you want to watch it.

I’m torn. Half of me is chilled to the bone at such a blatant disregard for civil liberties and freedom of speech, such flagrantly power-mad, tazer-happy security guards, etc. Half of me thanks the Gods for things like YouTube, which is one of the reasons I’m pretty sure democracy’s gonna be okay: if sh*t goes down, someone’s gonna put it on their camera phone, and before long everyone will know about said sh*t.  Another half of me thinks that kid at the mic is kind of annoying, and is acting more hurt than he really was because he’s that guy and he’s gotta flop his agenda around all over the place.  And another half of me thinks how surreal it is that, yeah, that’s totally John Kerry in the background while all this is happening, trying pathetically in vain to calm everyone down.

Yes, that’s four halves, shut up, it’s late and I’m tired.

See below the cut for a funny cartoon.


One response to “don’t taze me, bro

  1. Amelie

    October 4, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    You know, it interests me that we are in the middle of a torture scandal here in the U.S with the government trying to deny that they use torture on foreign suspects and here we have here a clear case of inhumane force used right here in our own backyard. If they do this to their own people clearly we can’t trust our government to treat foreingers humanely either. I find it humorous that the government even tries to deny using torture anymore.

    Sure, the student in question was being, ‘that guy”. As you put it. The whole point of democracy is that we are supposed to be free to be that guy (or girl) without getting tazed for it. All that guy was guilty of was asking a question. Clearly he wasn’t doing anything to disturb the peace since he wasn’t offending the speaker and the whole audience continued to sit quite obediently as he was subdued. His free speech was being violated, so for frack’s sake SOMEBODY had to make a stink about it. Yes, he was resisting arrest but I respect him for not going quietly when he’d did nothing wrong. I also respect the fact that he was willing to make an example of himself.

    Democracy is failing right now, because like those students who sat by and watched, we’re all so afraid of getting tazed that we don’t speak out when we see something wrong happening, we just huddle up and wait for it to blow over. This is how a corrupt government like ours thrives. Sure, the kid looked like an asshole, but the point is that what the police officers did was worse and it needed to be called attention to.

    I agree that devices such as You Tube help in spreading truth and making it impossible for people to deny their wrongdoings when their words and actions are on video. However, as long as we continue to consume this information like media and don’t allow it to motivate change, things like this will continue to happen. Most of us (myself included) live a comfortable existance whether the president is an upstanding person or a liar and a criminal. We aren’t willing to risk our comfort to do what’s right.


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