oh those wacky MIT kids….

04 Oct

…they’re always up to some sort of tomfoolery.

First there was the girl who tried to board a plane with a circuit board strapped to herself a few weeks ago. Most people probably thought “what was she thinking?” I personally thought “freakin’ MIT.” The kids at MIT have this habit of pulling some pretty amazing pranks – or “hacks“, as they call them. They’re literally hacking reality. They are, to coin a phrase, pwning meatspace. This girl probably had some sort of geeky reason for having a circuit board strapped to herself, and it was probably the same reason I ran around the campus of the University of Maine in a big Russian Army coat with two bent spoons in my lapels when I was her age; because it is the job of the 19-year old geek to make you wonder.

A lot of the “hacks” are pulled on the Harvard community, mostly because they’re all full of themselves and rich and totally deserve it (except for Julia and Dubner and President Obama). The latest one may be the geekiest and yet most brilliant one of all:

Yes, that’s the John Harvard statue. Yes, he’s now dressed as the Master Chief from the XBox game Halo. Yes, this is the most awesome thing you’ve seen all day.

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Posted by on October 4, 2007 in boston rock city, nerd riot, politics


One response to “oh those wacky MIT kids….

  1. kim

    October 10, 2007 at 9:04 pm

    OMG- I was looking for this and then forgot all about it. So glad you found a pic!


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