Michelle Malkin hates children

13 Oct

There’s this kid, Graham Frost, and he was in a car accident a few months ago and was in a coma for quite some time.  When a bipartisan group of senators decided that it’d be a good idea to give health care to every child in the country, he spoke up and said that the only reason he was alive was because of the CHIP program, which provided health insurance to every kid in his state.  The Democrats had him deliver the official response to the President’s radio address.  Pandering? Sure.  But you gotta admit it was very poignant pandering.  The President gets up there, says “you don’t need this, heh heh heh,”  and he’s followed by a child’s voice saying “the only reason I’m here is because of a similar program.”  Pwned, Dubya.  Pwned. 

So, what did the right wing noise machine do?  Why, they attack him, of course.  They published his address online.  They released personal information about his family, claiming that they were rich and lazy and leeching off of your tax dollars and didn’t need any help from the CHIP program, and called him a liar.  He has recieved death threats.  He’s twelve years old.

That’s his radio address.  Reeeeeal subversive stuff, kid. 

Michelle Malkin described him as the son of an executive vice-president.   Yeah, Michelle.  He’s the son of an executive vice-president who’s family income is still only $45,000 a year.  In other words, they’re not poor, but they can’t afford health insurance.  You know why they can’t afford health insurance?  Because health insurance is ridiculously, unnecessarily expensive on account of deregulation.  Thanks, Reaganomics.   

So Graham Frost and his now brain-damaged sister go to a private school, but they do so on a scholarship, and there are lots of poorer kids who go to private schools.  Parochial schools, for example, like Catholic schools, count as private schools.  I went to a Catholic school for third grade, and my parents were no one’s idea of “rich.”  We weren’t poor growing up, we were solidly middle class, belonging to the same tax bracket as most of the pissed off white people that make up the right wing radio/blog audience in this country.

If that audience would sit and think for five seconds, they’d realize that, hey, maybe attacking this kid by saying his parents are rich and lazy isn’t such a good idea, because if their kids got into a car crash, they’d be screwed too.  If they sat and thought for ten seconds, they might realize that this economically tentative situation could not be blamed on Barbara Streissand or Michael Moore or Hillary Clinton.  Fifteen seconds of good solid thinkin’ might lead ’em to think that just maaaybe Michelle Malkin and her ilk just might be full of it.


Posted by on October 13, 2007 in politics, radio, youtube


5 responses to “Michelle Malkin hates children

  1. bridson

    October 13, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    It’s time we eschewed experienced politicians: they’re only playing games and don’t know when to stop.

  2. bridson

    October 13, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    Politicans are only playing games and, in their schoolyard ,don’t know when to stop.

  3. Bill D.

    October 14, 2007 at 11:38 am

    It’s when I read shit like this that I’m ashamed to be what I am. Not ashamed to be American, but ashamed to be human.

    Honestly, I think we should just turn the keys of the planet over to the mice, chimps, or dolphins and just be done with it.

  4. Amelie

    October 16, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    Uuuh, YEAHR . Last time I checked a $45,000 COMBINED income was not enough to take care of a family of 4. As a single person I make about that much and I have just enough to cover my bills each month. If I was providing for 3 other people on that salary it would be impossible to make ends meet without some sort of assistance… LIKE SUBSIDIZED HEALTH INSURANCE.

    If find the comments made against this family unfair on many levels. First of all, Michelle Malkin and the other Republican bigwigs who are trashing this kid and his family probably make 4 times as much money so they honestly have no idea what it takes to raise a fmaily on that income. Second of all, I went to her website and found a quote saying that, ‘Having middle class people on the government teat undermines everyone’s liberty.” Excuse me, but watching your child go through life with serious injuries, chronic pain, and lifelong disibilities because you can’t afford healthcare doesn’t sound like freedom to me, it sounds like my idea of hell.


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