16 Oct

Hillary Clinton has a new video on YouTube promoting the…er.. promotion of her new campaign theme song. It’s a parody of the last scene from The Sopranos and, well… doesn’t quite work. I didn’t see the Sopranos finale, but I know the basic idea: they’re in a restaurant, tension is mounting but things appear normal, screen goes to black and… wha-huh? It’s the sort of finale that critics love because it stays true to the artistic vision of the show, and fans hate because it’s unsatisfying.

Here, the Clinton campaign is again trying to be cute and use that crazy new internet to hook the kids. Incidentally, the Sopranos finale actually wasn’t seen by that many people. It’s become a ubiquitous go-to point for media parody, but that’s because everyone in the media watches it. Most people don’t get HBO. A lot of Sopranos fans don’t even get HBO – they watch the show on DVD. It’s one of those echo chamber-things that’s become a joke because someone told us it was a joke. It’s funny because we’re told that everyone thinks its funny. Ironically, this echo chamber effect is why most people dislike Sen. Clinton: they dislike her because they’re told – by the right wing press – that everyone dislikes her.

Plus, of course, it’s a commercial for a press release for a campaign theme song. Everyone check their shoes, I think someone stepped in meta.

(Note: I was going to link to the new song itself – which I’m assuming is not “You And I” by Celine Dion any more – but the link provided in the video just takes you to, where you can see many smiling pictures of Mrs. Clinton, and you can learn how to be a “Hillraiser.”)

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Posted by on October 16, 2007 in politics, tv, youtube


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