just in case you were having a nice day…

22 Oct

…you know, enjoying the lovely fall weather, breathing in that crisp, autumn air, watching the leaves turn, and all that crap… I give you this nonsense from FoxNews.

See, Barack Obama has stopped wearing an American flag on his lapel, deciding (quite rightly, I think) that patriotism has more to do with how you live and what you do, and less to do with what you stick to your coat. Cue the fake outrage.

I’ve seen some fake controversies in my time, but this, my friends, is the fake controversiest. I especially like how this clip disintegrates into three people shouting at each other over jewelry.

Oh, but it’s not just jewelry, it’s the symbol of our country that men fought and died for. To which I say: they fought and died for a piece of cloth? That’s pretty stupid. I was brought up to believe that they fought and died to save our country from fascism, a political philosophy defined by the fetishism of patriotic symbols and the corporatisation of government.  But that’s just me and my wacky liberal ideas.

My grandparents, by the way, still get their news from these people.

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Posted by on October 22, 2007 in politics, youtube


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