i can has talented friends?: cursed to first

26 Oct

If you like baseball… no, scratch that, if you like reading, then you need to read Beth’s latest Cursed To First entry, The Papajima Show, about Game Two of the 2007 World Series.

I was at rehearsal (see below) and missed it, but luckilly, there’s Beth to tell us what the game was like:

I have never actually cried about baseball, but last night was the closest I’ve probably ever come. Curt is almost assuredly not going to be with us next year, and after seeing how out of gas he was last night, I am hoping he doesn’t have to make another appearance in this World Series if we can at all help it. And so last night was not just Curt Schilling’s second World Series win in Boston–it was probably goodbye.

“Bittersweet” doesn’t begin to describe the feeling I had watching that scarlet “38” disappear into the dugout last night. I don’t care what anyone says about Curt Schilling’s persona or his politics, between the white lines of the baseball field, he has done everything he ever promised to do. On the mound, when it truly mattered, nights he bore our colors on his back, and our hearts and remaining shreds of sanity on his right arm, Curt Schilling has not let us down. Not in New York in 2004, not in Boston in 2004, and not against Anaheim, Cleveland and now Colorado in 2007.

It will never be the same team without him.

Read the rest here.


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