oh god no please no don’t aaaugh

30 Oct

I was having such a productive life.  A decently high profile job at a major radio station.  Acting gigs.  Directing gigs.  A full-length album of songs I wrote, performed, recorded, and produced all on my own.  A girlfriend… A girlfriend, for heavens sake.  A social life full of friends and love and parties and people – real people – I care deeply about.

And then they had to go and announce this game.  It’s the geekiest geek game ever geeked.  It’s Warcrack, but nerdier.  It is a game which seems to be the culmination of all of my 10 year old fantasies, featuring the ability to live in an ideal world full of adventure and Tribbles. It’s…

Star Trek: Online.

It’s an online, multi-player role playing game in real time set in the Star Trek universe, and it’s coming out early next year.

I’m gonna miss you guys.

There’s a reason I don’t play these games – I find them so fascinating that it’s conceivable that I’d do nothing but play them.  Well, that, and I feel sort of sad when I do play them.  Second Life, for instance, just makes me feel lame.   This one, though… sounds… so… damned.. cool?  I mean, you can like play as a Cardassian and stuff!

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Posted by on October 30, 2007 in games, nerd riot


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