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Hostages taken at Clinton Campaign Headquarters

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I’m not going to say anything about this guy, because I don’t know anything about him, where he comes from, or what radio talk shows he obsessively calls into to complain about the UN.  To do so would be terribly presumptuous.

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Salon on the Republican YouTube debate

Wow, Mitt. I only smile like that when I’m trying very hard not to punch someone in the nuts.

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songs you don’t know: “Seaweed”, The Gits

There were a lot – a lot – of “Seattle bands” who didn’t get famous. The Gits didn’t get famous.  Thing is, they probably deserved to.  If it wasn’t for one stupid, cosmically unfair crime, you’d have heard of them. If Mia Zapata, the seemingly indestructible lead singer of The Gits, hadn’t been murdered mid-way through recording their breakthrough album, you’d have heard of them.  But she was, and you haven’t, and life continues to suck.

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I’m a few days late on this, but…

Verity Lambert, first producer and co-creator of Doctor Who, passed away last week, the day before the 44th anniversary of the first episode.

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Tales of Mere Existence

Cartoonist Lev Yilnaz describes his YouTube series, “Tales of Mere Existence”, as “stuff you think about, but don’t talk about.” And it’s so, so very true.

This is “A Typical Conversation With My Mom.” You’ve had this conversation with your Mom. You have. Don’t lie.

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well, it’s officially the future…

One of my favorite technological advances of the last few years just got technologically advancier. A year or two ago, certain TV networks started streaming episodes online. As I’m one of those people with no TiVO and an ancient Korean-made VCR that rarely likes to play nice with the cable, this is a godsend, as it allows me to catch up on shows like Heroes whenever I damn well feel like it without the FBI breaking my door down.

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from the “i really wish i hadn’t seen this” department…

Scientists have discovered a Giant Creepy Skeleton of Giant Evil Scorpion-Thing That’s Like Eight-Feet Long.

I hate giant insects. I can’t even watch Them!, or go anywhere near the giant housefly at the science museum. I’ve seriously got two big irrational fears, and it’s this and the eye thing. In hell, giant insects eat out your eyeballs. It’s true. I know a guy.

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