angels we have heard on hi-fi

16 Nov

Some of you may know this already, but I’m a band. That’s what I said. I am, in fact, a band; a one man band to be precise, and I call ourselves The Pluto Tapes, for reasons too weird to go into right now*.

The neat thing about the “new digital media blah blah blah” is that, not only is it possible for one man to be a band, without the aid of such trivial and out-moded things as “other musicians,” but it is also possible to distribute ones music with the mere click of a mouse. To wit: my first album, Dead Planets Tell No Tales, is available for digital download on iTunes and other places right now. If you like the idea of an optimistic Cure or a pessimistic U2, then you’d probably like it. Or, you know, The Pixies/Weezer /stellastarr*/The Killers/Muse, but poppier and sloppier. Go download it right now.

I can has cover art.


I’m working on the follow-up album as we speak (more or less), which is called Heart Shaped Arson for reasons far too weird to go into**. All you need to know is that my girlfriend came up with the name and I’m stealing it. It should be (more or less) done by (more or less) next spring, but as a tasty pre-Thanksgiving appetizer, I’ve posted two tracks up on my MySpace from the thing: Apothecary“, which you might have heard because it’s been up there since the summer, and a brand spanking new track called Fireflieswhich you probably haven’t.

Apothecary“‘s finished, but the version that’s up there isn’t the finished mix, so I’m not letting you have it. “Fireflies” is finished, too, and because I like you, I’m letting you download it for free before the album’s even done. Ye gods!


You can also download, for a limited time, “Fitchburg In The Wintertime” from Dead Planets Tell No Tales, and as always, you can stream some of my other old stuff too. If you enjoy what you hear, please support your local pretend band by purchasing the record on the iTunes music store.

So, yeah: go check out The Pluto Tapes on Myspace.

*-oh very well. i came up with the name when they decided Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore, and I was sure there’d been some sort of conspiracy to frame the poor little snowball. And what do you get when there’s a conspiracy? You get incriminating tapes of some kind. I also liked the use of the word “tape” because it’s anachronistic – people don’t use tape for jack squat anymore, and Pluto’s sort of an anachronism now, too. Also, I recorded the whole album in my Dad’s basement, and as Pluto was lord of the underworld… you get the idea.

**-it had something to do with setting fire to someone’s lawn, but pouring gasoline in the shape of a heart first and.. you know what? forget it.


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