ten songs i’m all like “gobble-gobble” about right now: november 2007 edition

19 Nov

See what I did there?  Because it’s Thanksgiving.  Yeah, I’m good.

Ten awesome songs, below the cut:

1) “Hounds Of Love”, The Futureheads

You could throw a rock and hit a billion angular indie bands from the UK, but The Futureheads stand out; they’re quirkier than your average bear and they cover Kate Bush quite well.  Beat that,  Dead 60s!

2) “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex,” CSS

This is the song you think is called “Music Is My Boyfriend,” but isn’t.  It’s in that iPhone commercial, which was actually created by a Mac user/fan in his basement and somehow found its way onto the air.  It’s the dippiest song you’ve ever heard, but it still rules.  Once I figure out why, I’ll let you know.

3) “Elephant Stone”, The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses were going to be the next Beatles before Oasis/Arctic Monkeys/Robbie Williams/The Spice Girls/Blur/The Libertines were.  Unfortunately, they released one classic record, waited eight years, released another classic record, and then sort of went away.  However, their first classic record coincided with this interesting, psychedelic, Ecstacy-fueled time in British pop culture where everyone was sick of Thatcher and wanted to do lots of drugs and hug instead.   That’s what this song sounds and feels like to me, anyway.

4) “Sleep”, Marion

Marion was going to be the next Beatles too, I think.  Anyway, they never broke very big in the US – I’ve only heard of them because I told that I wanted to listen to Britpop one day, and this came on.  It’s very mid-’90s rock, but if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing, it’s very good mid-’90s rock with a fantastic chorus and a harmonica solo.  Oh, and you can’t find it on iTunes or anything, so here’s the video.

5) “Supermassive Black Hole”, Muse

Having finally gotten around to listening to Black Holes and Revelations, I gotta say: it’s pretty damn good.  “Map of the Problematique” may still be my favorite, but this one makes me want to shake my bum.

6. “Elouise”, Maps 

Maps is James Chapman and his bedroom recording studio, so of course I love him.  The fact that his music sounds like a less dense version of My Bloody Valentine makes me love him even more.   Come to think of it, he sounds like early Stone Roses as well.  November makes me seek out “cozy” music.

7. “Walls”, The Red Paintings 

Less cozy, but no less awesome, is The Red Paintings, the brainchild of Trash McSweeney; a band that provides blank canvases for their audiences to splatter and doodle upon at each show, that considers every performance a performance piece.  They’re like an angstier version of the Flaming Lips.  You’d like them.

8. “The Underdog”, Spoon

I never really got into Spoon when they first came around – “I Turn My Camera On” was catchy, but never made an impression – but I really like this one.  It just feels classic – like the sort of thing people will be covering at open mic nights forever.

9. “Life In A Northern Town”, The Dream Academy

This one’s from 1985, way back in the mists of time, and may well be the coziest song ever written.  If you haven’t heard it, really, wait for a grey rainy afternoon, make some tea and toast, get under a thick blanket, and crank this shit.    We’re talking X-Treme Coziness Factor Nine here, kiddos.

10. “Thrash Unreal”, Against Me!

My girlfriend says this is a “beer commercial song,” and she’s almost right.  You can definitely picture Tom Gabel singing “the kiiiing of beeeers,” as he has that gravelly voice.  However, I gotta give it up to these guys anyway because after ten years of relative obscurity, they’ve finally broken through.  “Thrash Unreal” is a mid-tempo, swaggering rock tune about a wasted girl who’s wasting her life.  Also, the chorus goes “ba ba baaah.”  Which is, in its own way, cozy.

Interestingly enough, Ben Lee has gone and covered the whole album – according to an interview with an Australian radio station, he says he fell in love with it and it’s really a folk album played really heavy, so there.    You can download the whole album on his website, or you can download Ben’s cover here (via the nice people at Stereogum).

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