I’m a few days late on this, but…

27 Nov

Verity Lambert, first producer and co-creator of Doctor Who, passed away last week, the day before the 44th anniversary of the first episode.

There are tributes all over the webs, so mine will be brief: not only did she bring the greatest television program ever to our screens, she was also a) a woman working as a BBC producer in the early ’60s, and b) responsible for convincing the powers that be that the Daleks were a really good idea. Without the Daleks, the show would not have been as successful as it was, and it wouldn’t have gone on to inspire kids throughout the UK and the world to write or become involved with television professionally. No Verity Lambert, no Coupling, no Love Actually, no Queer As Folk, probably no Hitchhiker’s Guide, no Doctor Who.

In the episode “Human Nature,” broadcast as part of the third season of the new version of Doctor Who, The Doctor “becomes human” in order to escape an alien threat. His mortal counterpart, Doctor John Smith, says his parents are named Sydney and Verity. Sydney, for Sydney Neuman, who greenlighted the show back in 1963, and Verity for Verity Lambert, the show’s first producer. It was a lovely tribute to the show’s true mother and father.

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