Salon on the Republican YouTube debate

29 Nov

Wow, Mitt. I only smile like that when I’m trying very hard not to punch someone in the nuts.

Yes, after some of their number declared that they wouldn’t be caught dead on TV answering questions from cartoon snowmen, the GOP political candidates finally slunked in front of the camera and answered “your” questions. The debate was hosted, as all things are, by Anderson Cooper.

You weren’t watching and neither was I, but here’s’s run-down of the events, and here’s a taster:

106 minutes. Retired Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr gets in front of his webcam to describe his 43 years of service to the nation. Then he drops this bomb: “I’m an openly gay man.” He asks the candidates why they think American men and women in uniform are not professional enough to serve with gays or lesbians. Hunter says proximity to gays and lesbians does a “disservice” to conservatives in the military. Huckabee says the rule banning gays and lesbians from service is about “conduct” and not “feelings,” which is OK. Romney gets tripped up again, since he once said he wanted gays to serve openly in the military, but now he does not. The Coop asks him three times if he has changed his position. Romney won’t answer the question. The audience starts to boo, but it is probably booing the Coop.


112 minutes. After more than five minutes of gay talk, CNN cuts to another audience shot of Chuck Norris, restoring a straight vibe to the proceedings.

Always good to see Chuck out and about, although I’m surprised the Secret Service didn’t require him to check those guns at the door.

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Posted by on November 29, 2007 in politics, tv, youtube


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