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Fragile Willie Strikes Again

Bill Donahue is the head of an organization called The Catholic League, who seeks to end discrimination against Catholics in the media. While there’s probably a good reason for such an organization to exist, Donahue’s own existence becomes harder and harder to rationalize by the day. For you see, Bill Donahue sees discrimination against Catholics everywhere.

His latest attack is on The Golden Compass, the film adaptation of the Phillip Pullman book I always keep meaning to read but don’t. The story apparently (and in honor of Fragile Willie, I’m operating with half the facts here) involves a shadowy Church-like organization and ends with the protagonists killing God. Or, if not God, then something like God. Donahue’s beef is that kids will see the movie, then read the books, then connect the dots, and then start fornicating up a storm and eating hamburgers on friday. Oh, and asking questions. He doesn’t like that either.

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