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from The Boston Phoenix: The Cuteness Surge.

Very interesting article in this week’s Phoenix, about what the popularity of things like lolcats, Hello Kitty, Juno, and the like says about us as Americans in 2008.  (Hint: we’ve been infantilized by fear and angst and need to surround ourselves with brightly colored doofy stuff to stay sane.)

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just interesting that someone (i.e. Sharon Steel) pointed it out.  She even manages to work in McSweeney‘s and The Moldy Peaches.


things are gettin’ kinda gross…

All right – things may look funny around here this afternoon – we’re redesigning a tad.  (Oh, like you care.)

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songs you don’t know: The Dresden Dolls and The Luminescent Orchestra covering “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”

The picture quality here ain’t so good, but the sound is amazing. Also, they’re covering the Eurythmics version, and not the Manson version, because they’re that cool.

The Dresden Dolls, by the by, are the Official Punk Cabaret Band of GeekUSA.

(the Official Cereal of GeekUSA, by the way: Barbara’s Bakery’s Peanut Butter Puffins)

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John Edwards to drop out

According to Yahoo! (via the AP), John Edwards will be dropping out of the presidential race today.

See, I’ve gone back and forth over the past few months between Obama and Edwards.  I find the way Obama speaks inspiring, but I find the things Edwards says to be equally inspiring.   He’s right: there are two Americas, and most of the problems with this country could be fixed by first admitting that, yep, class is important here, and that things are stacked against poor folk to an unfair degree.

I look at both Obama and Edwards, and I think that I want to live in a country where one of those two could be President, because not only are they charismatic but they actually seem to care.  Edwards seems to care just a little too much sometimes, but maybe that’s why I respected him and might’ve voted for him on Super Tuesday.

He’ll make a great Attourney General, though, won’t he?


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from io9: Five Ways 9/11 Changed Sci-Fi

Fascinating stuff.  Of course, me being me, I had to go and mention the Slitheen from Doctor Who in my comment….

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niiice!: rob paravonian on Pachabel’s Canon in D

Jess sends this via Facebook:

I used to play this bit all the time on my radio show back at ol’ WMEB, 91.9fm (“Redefining Alternative For Orono, Maine!”) He’s updated it since, but it’s still one of my favorite comedy riffs of all time.

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the state of our union is…

Well, I watched the State of the Union address last night with fever2tell, and I guess the big thing to say about the experience is that we didn’t throw anything at the screen.

This is something I’ve enjoyed doing these past seven years, by the way. Never a fan of Mr. Bush, I will usually sit in front of the television on the last Monday of January, wad up some paper into little balls, and, as the evening progresses, proceed to chuck them at his televised head whenever he says something dumb. It’s not as if the President didn’t say anything dumb last night – it’s more that it was hard to care.

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FCC to ABC: Your A** Is Crass

..or, if you prefer, “The FCC Finds Your Posterior To Be Morally Inferior.” Neither of which are particularly witty statements, mind you, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking this link, reading the article, and throwing a massive first-amendment hissy fit.

Basically, the FCC decided today to whack ABC with a proposed fine of over $1 million because one time they showed Charlotte Ross’s bum on NYPD Blue. As you can see below, it’s not even a particularly gratuitous bum-showing; the woman was taking a shower, so it would have been silly for her to be wearing, say, a track suit. The scene was brief, it was not meant to be pornographic, it passed ABC’s censors, and was shown late enough at night that it’s doubtful any children were watching. It’s doubtful, in fact, that anyone could have been really corrupted, offended, or shocked by it.

(more, and the clip in question, below the cut.)

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when a Daddy President and a Mommy President love each other very much….

Just to cheer y’all up…. (from CNN’s Political Ticker)

Five-year old asks Bill Clinton: “what do you do when you get married?”

Good question, kid.

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racism and whatnot

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s racist and what isn’t. We’ve got the first African-American presidential nominee with any real chance of winning, and so all the other nominees are bending over backwards to a) figure out a way of criticizing him that Al Sharpton can’t spin into hate speech, and b) “reach out” to the African-American community, with sometimes hilarious results. That means you, Mitt.

As a matter of fact, there’s so much phony racism out there that it’s easy to forget that there’s still lots of real honest-to-badness racism out there. I’m not talking about how Hillary didn’t cry enough about Hurricane Katrina or Mitt and Baby Bling Bling, I’m talking about this poor guy in Arizona who wound up blindsiding a speeding SUV full of rich, drunk, teenage girls (one of whom died) when he, himself, was sober and driving safely. Cops no care – pretty white girl dead.

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