follow-up post: more Hillary

09 Jan

While looking for a suitable Hillary picture to go with that last post, I couldn’t help but notice that if you Google image search “Hillary Clinton,” you’ll probably find more intentionally unflattering pictures of her than anyone else. Which, unfortunately, says a lot about the way people feel about her. Me, I’m less likely to not vote for her in the primary because I saw a bad picture of her, and more likely to not vote for her in the primary because it seems like 50% of the country gets off on seeing bad pictures of her. I think she’d be a fine President, but she comes with sixteen years of right-wing radio trash talk on her back. It doesn’t matter if that trash talk is all lies, innuendo, or things taken out of context – the fact remains that if half of this country is stupid, and all stupid people loathe Hillary Clinton, she can’t win. At least I don’t think so – I’d love to be proven wrong.

Just to prove that I’m on the side of the good guys, here’s a flattering picture of Sen. Clinton:

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