geekusa recommends again

10 Jan

…specifically this article right here: Middle Management, or: So You’ve Decided To Become “The Man!”

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You may notice now that you are in MANAGEMENT that the world is your oyster!   Beautiful women fill their mouths with caviar before pleasuring you orally!  But WAIT JUST A MOMENT, Nelson Rockefeller!

Who is this on your “team”?  Why, it’s PEOPLE!  Yes, PEOPLE will comprise the vast majority of your “workforce,” or “EMPLOYEES.”  These terrible creatures “report” to you and you are “responsible” for leading them!  HOW CAN YOU DO THIS, you may well ask?  You must, in part, INSPIRE them.  This is how you will TRICK THEM into LIKING YOU.  If nothing else, your “team” should, at the very least, BEGRUDGINGLY TOLERATE YOU.


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Posted by on January 10, 2008 in not here, not me, tomfoolery


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