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songs you probably know: “Dare To Be Stupid”, Weird Al

You probably know this song, but it’s worth mentioning.  I loved this song/video when I was ten.  Most of the things I loved when I was ten have since proved themselves to be sophomoric at best – I currently find the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, for example, to be somewhat lacking in tone and structure.  However, “Dare To Be Stupid”, by Weird Al, truly stands the test of time.  Eighteen years ago, I thought it was funny that Weird Al’s head was in a pot of mashed potatoes.  Today, I recognize the Devo/Dadaist influences and appreciate the marriage of pop cultural slogans and signifiers with the one repeated phrase that truly sums up life in the media age: the titular “Dare to be stupid.”  

Also, it’s funny that Weird Al’s head is in a pot of mashed potatoes. 


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