niiice!: Pizza Pizza

20 Jan

Okay: Little Caesars.

Here’s the thing: I totally want Crazy Bread right now, and the closest Little Caesars’ pizza shop is 45 minutes away, at a K-Mart in Tewksbury. Which means it’s probably not even real Little Caesars. I find this sorely disappointing.

There are, apparently, Little Caesars franchises all over the country (usually in the South), but there aren’t many here in New England. There was one in Chelmsford, which was just slightly out of the way, which made it a special occasion. See, my family and I would get a pizza every saturday night and eat it in front of Star Trek: The Next Generation – this was childhood when you were a wee nerd, as I was. Usually, we’d go to Mike’s down the street, which was a really good place and run by the cousin of a friend of ours (it is currently closed, sadly.) But every now and then, if I was very good or something, we’d do it up with Little Caesars. And, thus, we would feast on Crazy Bread. And, lo, it was good.

This is Crazy Bread: picture the best breadstick you’ve ever had. Now fry it in a lot of butter and add tons of garlic. Domino’s thinks it has something like it, but trust me: it does not. Crazy Bread, my friends, is the food of the Gods.

Having said that, I’m sort of glad we didn’t go to Little Caesars all the time. Going to Mike’s on a weekly basis meant we were supporting a local business, and eating Crazy Bread on a weekly basis would probably have clogged my 10-year old arteries forever.

Still….. damn, that was some good stuff.

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Posted by on January 20, 2008 in Niiice!, nostalgia, youtube


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