it just keeps getting better, eh?

21 Jan


Apparently, for a brief moment in time, Canada (or America’s hat, if you will) had an official list of “states that endorse torture” that included Iran, Cuba, and the United States of America.  

Since Keith Olbermann talked about this on its show, Reuters has reported that they took us and Israel off the list, probably because they didn’t want us to get all offended and, I don’t know, start water-boarding the cast of Kids In The Hall or something.  But, think about it: for a brief period of time, the Canadian State Department lumped us in with the bad guys.  This can’t be good.   I don’t care if we’re “fightin’ a different kind of war” or whatever – when a sovereign nation issues a missive to its diplomats telling them how to deal with you if you get caught torturing one of their citizens, you are officially one of the bad guys. 

And by “you”, I mean “we.” 

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Posted by on January 21, 2008 in not niiice!, politics, youtube


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