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Dubya: The Movie

According to Variety, Oliver Stone’s next movie will be a biopic of our current President. I’m guessing he’ll title it simply W, because that seems like the sort of thing he’d do.

Here’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, telling us what’s what:

Thing is, both Nixon and JFK are on my Top Twenty Films Of All Time list (not that I’ve actually decided what the rest of them are) so I’m interested to see what Stone does here. Hopefully the film won’t come out for a while (give it a year or two) but the idea is fascinating. As much as I despise the man as President, George W. Bush is a pretty fascinating character.

Reportedly, Josh Brolin will be playing the lead.

You may remember Mr. Brolin as Jimmy from The Young Riders as that guy from No Country For Old Men, a film that John McCain’s staffers told him not to see last weekend because they were afraid of the obvious jokes that would arise. True story.

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