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niiice!: rob paravonian on Pachabel’s Canon in D

Jess sends this via Facebook:

I used to play this bit all the time on my radio show back at ol’ WMEB, 91.9fm (“Redefining Alternative For Orono, Maine!”) He’s updated it since, but it’s still one of my favorite comedy riffs of all time.

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the state of our union is…

Well, I watched the State of the Union address last night with fever2tell, and I guess the big thing to say about the experience is that we didn’t throw anything at the screen.

This is something I’ve enjoyed doing these past seven years, by the way. Never a fan of Mr. Bush, I will usually sit in front of the television on the last Monday of January, wad up some paper into little balls, and, as the evening progresses, proceed to chuck them at his televised head whenever he says something dumb. It’s not as if the President didn’t say anything dumb last night – it’s more that it was hard to care.

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