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FCC to ABC: Your A** Is Crass

..or, if you prefer, “The FCC Finds Your Posterior To Be Morally Inferior.” Neither of which are particularly witty statements, mind you, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking this link, reading the article, and throwing a massive first-amendment hissy fit.

Basically, the FCC decided today to whack ABC with a proposed fine of over $1 million because one time they showed Charlotte Ross’s bum on NYPD Blue. As you can see below, it’s not even a particularly gratuitous bum-showing; the woman was taking a shower, so it would have been silly for her to be wearing, say, a track suit. The scene was brief, it was not meant to be pornographic, it passed ABC’s censors, and was shown late enough at night that it’s doubtful any children were watching. It’s doubtful, in fact, that anyone could have been really corrupted, offended, or shocked by it.

(more, and the clip in question, below the cut.)

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when a Daddy President and a Mommy President love each other very much….

Just to cheer y’all up…. (from CNN’s Political Ticker)

Five-year old asks Bill Clinton: “what do you do when you get married?”

Good question, kid.

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racism and whatnot

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s racist and what isn’t. We’ve got the first African-American presidential nominee with any real chance of winning, and so all the other nominees are bending over backwards to a) figure out a way of criticizing him that Al Sharpton can’t spin into hate speech, and b) “reach out” to the African-American community, with sometimes hilarious results. That means you, Mitt.

As a matter of fact, there’s so much phony racism out there that it’s easy to forget that there’s still lots of real honest-to-badness racism out there. I’m not talking about how Hillary didn’t cry enough about Hurricane Katrina or Mitt and Baby Bling Bling, I’m talking about this poor guy in Arizona who wound up blindsiding a speeding SUV full of rich, drunk, teenage girls (one of whom died) when he, himself, was sober and driving safely. Cops no care – pretty white girl dead.

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Dubya: The Movie

According to Variety, Oliver Stone’s next movie will be a biopic of our current President. I’m guessing he’ll title it simply W, because that seems like the sort of thing he’d do.

Here’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, telling us what’s what:

Thing is, both Nixon and JFK are on my Top Twenty Films Of All Time list (not that I’ve actually decided what the rest of them are) so I’m interested to see what Stone does here. Hopefully the film won’t come out for a while (give it a year or two) but the idea is fascinating. As much as I despise the man as President, George W. Bush is a pretty fascinating character.

Reportedly, Josh Brolin will be playing the lead.

You may remember Mr. Brolin as Jimmy from The Young Riders as that guy from No Country For Old Men, a film that John McCain’s staffers told him not to see last weekend because they were afraid of the obvious jokes that would arise. True story.

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Oh, Mittens…

Here we have Presidential candidate and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, showing how “down” he is with his “homeys”; indeed, how “jiggy” he is getting, whilst “rapping” with his “dogs” in the “hood.” Yep, it’s a very special Martin Luther King Day episode of Mittens Goes To Washington.

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of all the stupid things to happen….

This isn’t really a celebrity gossip blog, but I wanted to talk a little bit about Heath Ledger.  If you hadn’t heard the news, the 28-year old actor (he was four months older than me) died suddenly at his home in New York.  No one’s quite sure how just yet.

Here’s the thing about Heath. (read more below the cut.)

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The 24 Best Songs of 2007: part two (12-1)


Here’s the rest of my Top 24 list.  Part one is over here.

12. The Good Soldier – Nine Inch Nails

Trent realizes that, yes, he did leave the gas on.

The new NIN record, Year Zero, is a sort of concept album about America in the near future after everything really goes to hell in the war on terror, and then an angel/alien shows up. (Trust me, it’s a lot better that sounds.) The album was promoted via an “alternate reality game” where people found clues and websites and flash disks with hidden songs and called weird phone numbers, and all sorts of things, which is apparently how everything is going to be promoted now. In amongst all that noise was some of the best music Trent Reznor and company had made in years, including this song, which gets inside the head of someone fighting on the front line.

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