ash(es) wednesday

06 Feb

On How The World Works, Andrew Leonard tells us that the biggest issue for Democratic voters was the economy, and the biggest issue for Republican voters was illegal immigrants, because dey tuk’er JORBS!

On Wonkette, we learn that people tried to show up and vote in Virginia and Florida yesterday, despite those two states not holding elections, and presumably got all huffy and conspiracy-theoryish about it.

Oh, and Hillary won American Samoa last night.

Check out their flag, though…

Fly, American Eagle! Fly, before the walls crush you to death! Hurry! There isn’t much time!

McCain pretty much won the thing in a walk last night for the GOP, but Hillary and Barack are still too close to call. Technically, Hillary’s sort of winning, but not necessarily. Everyone spun it like she was because she won California, but that’s just the press desperately wanting to put a cap on this story. What it does mean is that the next President of the United States will be a Senator, which hasn’t happened since John F. Kennedy was around.

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Posted by on February 6, 2008 in politics


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