brief note, and the onion needs to stop making fun of me.

08 Feb

First off, thanks to Julia, Alyssa, Lauryn, Lauryn’s mom, ChrisClark, and everyone else who hung out with GeekUSA on Super Tuesday.  There was many a witty and insightful comment that was, unfortunately, eaten by the interwebs as I consolidated all my posts into one.  For the record, Lauryn said something really funny that I can’t remember and Julia schooled me on Super-delegates.

Secondly, the big Onion article everyone’s passing around these days is called The Knights Who Say “Nerd”: Twenty Pop Culture Obsessions Even Geekier Than Monty Python.  As I’ve stated previously on these pages, there’s a slight but significant difference between geeks and nerds.  If you’re a nerd, you’ll read the article and start indignantly composing a list of factual errors.  Geeks, however, will start counting the number of geek obsessions they have, and half-seriously blog about it in the following way:  dude, I got six out of twenty!  WHO WANTS TO DATE ME??

I would have had seven out of twenty, but I gave up on MySpace months ago.


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