“Shooting War”

19 Feb

About a month ago, Katie Couric asked those Presidential candidates who were still in the running what book, besides The Bible, they would bring to the White House with them.   It’s a good question, because their answers tell us a lot about them.  Obama would bring Doris Kearnes Goodwin’s Lincoln bio with him, which makes sense from a civil rights and Illinoisian perspective.  Hillary would bring a copy of the Constitution with her, because “apparently there wasn’t one in the White House these last eight years,” which makes sense from an “I really want to disassociate myself from Washington,” perspective.  McCain would bring Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, which makes sense from an “I really want to paint myself as a fiscal conservative,” perspective….. and so on.

Me, if I could recommend any one book to Candidate X, it would be Shooting War by Anthony Lappe and John Goldman.

Shooting War started out as a web comic, and was later published as a graphic novel.  It tells the story of America in the year 2011, where a young blogger witnesses the suicide bombing of a Brooklyn Starbucks, captures it on video, and finds himself hired by a major news organisation to liveblog the war in Iraq.   Things have gone from bad to worse, President McCain’s son Jimmy is a POW, and Dan Rather has gone Han Solo. 

I read the whole thing in one sitting and then gave it to someone as a gift.  I’d recommend it to anyone, especially anyone in power, as a warning of how things could go wrong if they’re not very careful.

Anyway, I’ll open the floor to comments here – what books would you people have the candidates read?

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Posted by on February 19, 2008 in books, not me, politics, webtoons


One response to ““Shooting War”

  1. ChrisClark

    February 19, 2008 at 10:08 am

    Dalton Trumbo’s JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN. If it gives them half as many nightmares as it gives me, and if it makes them think twice about putting soldiers in harm’s way for no good reason, then it’d be a success.


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