Hollywood’s only hurting themselves

25 Feb

Cintra Wilson wrote something at Salon that summed up, more or less, how I felt about the Oscars last night.  Taking the thesis that Hollywood is a lopsided mirror for America, it should come as no surprise that this year all the top awards went to foreigners and movies about greed and murder.  We’re starting to hate our own smell, is her take:

It was a terrible, tooth-gnashing year of hideous self-reflection, for America: the ugly flipside of cultural narcissism. Our country, on the back end of a rapacious tear of sophomoric jerkbag behavior, is moving into the slightly more mature adolescent phase of starting to hate its own smell.

After shaving its head and driving drunk around the globe with no panties, calling itself the Antichrist, and finally abandoning its children, totaling its SUV and getting its ass kicked in the parking lot of the Persian Gulf, America is realizing that it is internationally loathed, broke, soulless, tasteless, fat, drunk, malicious, greedy and stupid, and has been generally behaving like a lousy excuse for a world superpower for long enough to lose all its friends and position. So, since America hates itself this year, Oscar gave the biggest trophies to foreigners.

Read more here.

Gawker has clips from Diablo Cody and Marion Cotillar’s acceptance speeches here.  Not only are both women incredibly hot in completely different ways, but they were also so real and non-Hollywood and awkward.

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