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GeekUSA Most Wanted, March 31, 2008

All blogs are self-congradulatory in one way or another.  They all hinge on the basic idea that someone out there gives a flying fig what you have to say, which is a pretty egotistical prospect, if you think about it.  Unless you’re Joss Whedon or MC Hammer, no one cares but you and your Mom.  And your Mom’s only reading because she wants to spy on you. 

However, WordPress (god bless ’em) makes it real easy to believe that you are, in fact, hot shit; a “new-media mogul” with a virtual audience of cyber-millions.  They do this in a couple of ways, but the most noticable is the “Most Wanted…” feature at the side of your blog.   This is where they list your top 10 posts in order of popularity.  

So, in the interest of disappearing up my own ass finding out what brings people to this blog in the first place, I’ve decided to revisit my “most popular posts”.   Enjoy if you can.

(ed. note: I forgot to mention that GeekUSA recently cracked the 4,000+ hits in a month mark.  Again, thanks, Mom!)

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at the crossroads of awesome and brilliant

We’ll start with this:   it seems that there’s a petition in Portland, Oregon to change the name of their 42nd Avenue to Douglas Adams Ave.   You know, the Hitchhikers’ Guide guy.  Who claimed that the answer to life, the universe, and everything was 42. 

It’s not just that he wrote funny sci-fi books that appeals to the geeks of Portland – he was also a human rights and environmental rights activist, a proponent of positivity through technology, and a “devout atheist.”  In short, he was a very interesting guy who died too young, and probably deserves some sort of street somewhere.  Though the dude does have an asteroid.

Upon Google Maps-ing 42nd Ave., I discovered that it crosses with another famed literary street – namely, Klickitat St., home of Ramona and Beezus Quimby, Henry Huggins, and his dog, Ribsy.   Yes, it’s a real street.

Portland, Oregon is one of those cities I can picture myself living in one day.  If so, how cool would it be to live on the corner of Klickitat and Douglas Adams?


It’s pretty much where I’ve been living my life all these years anyway, baby.


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liberal ennui

Blah di blah di Bush is an idiot blah di unjustified invasion blah blah Katrina blah blah Karl Rove dippity doo Supreme Court bleh di bluh dick cheney is evil blah gas prices blah corporate control fascism skabadoo health care crisis bleh redistribution of wealth blah blah fox news.


Look, mates, it’s getting old.  Things suck.  Things continue to suck.  Things will continue to suck for a very long time.  I hate easy answers.  Still, let’s be honest here: one way or another, it’s all Bush’s fault.  AND FRANKLY, IT’S FUCKING BORING!

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oh, all right, here’s something fun…

It’s the Dresden Dolls from New Years Eve.  Brian’s singing, Amanda’s behind the drums, they’re playing “Fight For Your Right To Party” by the Beastie Boys, because omg awesum!!

No, really, it is kind of awesum.

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more boring grown-up stuff…

…this time, about credit cards and why they suck.  According to Liz Pulliam Weston at, the UK recently told its credit card companies that they couldn’t charge ridiculous late fees, or otherwise act like snakes, anymore.  She asked why US companies don’t do the same thing.  I’m with her.  I mean, if I owe money, charge me interest.  Making it harder and harder to pay, though, is extortion and just makes you, the company, look like a jerk. 

Something really evil and obvious that I’ve noticed (and I’m shocked that more people haven’t complained) is the shortened grace period.  No, not just shortened…. suspiciously and specifically truncated.  My credit card bill used to be due on the 18th every month.   Some amoeba at MBNA must have looked at when I was most likely to pay – usually the 15th of the month, because that’s payday – and changed my due date to the 14th.   Oh ho ho, MBNA.  Clever.  So not only do I not get thirty days any more, I also have to pay them before I get paid myself or face their inflated charges.  I mean, come on.

She’s also written an article specifically about dirty tricks the credit card companies play on you, again simply because they freaking can.

I’m not sure how exactly we go about enacting Weston’s “credit card revolution.”  People aren’t going to stop using their Visas, so it’s not like “the market will work everything out,” and every time someone in the government raises the point that maybe big corporations are acting kind of mean they get shouted down in the name of the “free market.”   Personally, I don’t get how a market can really be free when the game is obviously rigged.  Deregulation is like the NFL letting the Patriots get away with changing the shape of the football field because, hey, they win a lot.   But that’s another story.

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that Rev. White/Obama thing…

…deserves a big long opinion piece that I don’t have time to write right now.  Let’s just say that I’m reading Sen. Obama’s speech on, and silently pounding my desk going “Yes! Yes! Absolutely! This is so totally the right thing to do!”  while somehow knowing that tonight on the news, they just aren’t going to give up hammering on the guy.

Okay, fine.  I’ll say this, and I’ll say it quickly: I know what it’s like to respect and love a person of the cloth and still be embarrassed by certain things they do or say on account of being raised Catholic.  Respecting such an organization for its charitable work, scholarship, and sense of community doesn’t mean that, for instance, you want to set fire to an abortion clinic.  Saying you respect the current Pope for his works of philosophy and his opposition to the Iraq War doesn’t mean that you think it was wicked cool that he was a member of the Hitler Youth.  And if Rev. Wright thinks the US deserved 9/11, then so be it – his comments may be wrong-headed and offensive, but we should understand where he’s coming from.  Namely, he’s coming from the perspective of someone who knows what it’s like to be lied to and screwed over by rich men in white suits. 

And Joe Scarborough srsly needs to stfu.

That’s all I gotta say about that.  If you want more, read the Senator’s speech , because it is awesome and I completely agree with all of it.  Which doesn’t happen too often when politicians are talking, you know what I’m sayin’?


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warcrack widows, your suffering hath ended….

Yahoo! Games has some ridiculous advice for women married to WoW addicts. 

4. Put some game into your nighttime activities

If your spouse’s gaming addiction is cutting into your bedroom time, think about how you might switch up your usual routine. If they’re into military games like Call of Duty or Splinter Cell, uniforms aren’t hard to find (nor are night-vision cameras, if you’re game). But if they call you a “n00b,” it might be time to think about kicking them to the curb.

I don’t know if this is meant to be serious, but damn, I do not understand you WoW people.

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