i can has talented friends?: Geek Force Five

03 Mar

E. Christopher Clark has been blogging since before there was even an internet.  He would sit at the back of the room at ol’ Chelmsford High School (motto: Where All Your Friends Went) with a never-ending spool of graph paper, which he would constantly update with a stream of consciousness about whatever it was he happened to be doing.  (“I am sitting in math class.”  “I am considering hitting Jon with a spit ball.”  “I am making a spit ball.”   “Ph-tooie.”  and so on.)  Thus, in his own low-tech way, Chris Clark invented Twittering.

He’s also written a book, fathered a child, and recorded more than one album.  I’ve only done one-half of those things, so I think he wins.  Now, the latest entry in to the E. Christopher Clark one-man media empire of doom is his blog, Geek Force Five

As you can plainly see, the blog is about Chris’s five geekiest obsessions, namely Tobey Maguire, fat people, big brother, and Professor Snape comic book movies, Kevin Smith, Apple, Lost, and Nine Inch Nails.  It’s really good, and I particularly recommend his piece about why he loves NIN so much.



One response to “i can has talented friends?: Geek Force Five

  1. ChrisClark

    March 4, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    Thanks for the kind words, man. God, I miss that never-ending spool of graph paper.


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