The Stone Ship

09 May

I can’t believe I forgot about this until now, but…

…last October, I appeared in a live-action radio drama called Tomes of Terror II.  Every year, around Halloween, the Post-Meridian Radio Players stage an event where we perform for a live audience, making live sound effects and doin’ some seriously awesome voice acting.

The story are all adaptations of old radio scripts.  The one I appeared in – The Stone Ship – was from an old episode of Nightfall, and involved a band of sailors discovering a Medusa-like creature in the wreckage of a ship.  Very intense and creepy, and I played the Captain.

If you missed all of this, you can hear our version of The Stone Ship starring me as Captain Jessup over at the PMRP website – located here.  Go listen: I’m really quite good.  🙂

And if you want to hear what my amazing and talented girlfriend sounds like as a doddery-old woman, you can go listen to her story from the same evening, Our Miss Brooks: The Halloween Party, where she plays Mrs. Davis.

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One response to “The Stone Ship

  1. wickedlittlething

    May 13, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    you wrote a song about the group, i wrote a poem about you…


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