omg fanvids lolz…sort of: “Camera One”, Josh Joplin Band/Tim Russert

15 Jun

Haven’t written in a while.  Lots has happened in the world, lots has happened with me.  I’m feeling pretty damn overwhelmed by lots of things, so the blog has fallen by the wayside.  Hillary dropped out.  Obama’s the nominee.  McCain continues to scare.  Meanwhile, I moved, helped my girlfriend move, am helming a summer theater festival, am scraping together a musical career, am working full time at a busy job with no internet access, am feeling somewhat put upon.

Then Tim Russert died.  That was weird.

I’m not trying to sound glib, not at all.  It was genuinely weird.  Here’s a guy who, for the last few years at least, has sort of just been there – hosting Meet The Press, showing up on election nights with his whiteboard of delegates, popping up on The Tonight Show to poke fun at himself.  Matter of fact, he was just on The Tonight Show a couple days before he died, with his whiteboard.  Then, he flew to Boston to give the commencement address at his son’s graduation.  Then, he had a heart attack in his office.  Out of nowhere.  Scary.  Strange.

Anyway, apparently, there are news fanboys.  Like I should be shocked, I’m probably one of them.  One of them, AntiConformist911, spliced together a strangely affecting music video tribute to the music of one of my favorite obscure one-hit wonders of 2001, “Camera One” by Josh Joplin Band.   The song, I think, is actually about that guy from Suddenly Susan who died, but it works all right.

You can say what you like about Tim – whether he was easier on his right-wing or left-wing guests is probably a matter of political taste – but you can’t deny that he was a dedicated journalist, a smart guy, a beloved son and father, and someone who was fully able to laugh at himself.  It’s Father’s Day.  Go tell your Dad you love him. 

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