really, now….

01 Aug

Wal-Mart basically orders its employees not to vote for Obama.

I’m supporting Barack, by the by (if you hadn’t guessed), primarily because wouldn’t it be neat to have a president who doesn’t make the rest of the world hate us.  This is what we’re up against here, though, so no matter how well he’s doing, you gotta go vote for him, because there’s lots of stupid-heads who’ll refuse to vote for him because “ain’t he an Iraqi muslim Rev. Wright who likes arugula?”

I’m seceding.  I swear to God.

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One response to “really, now….

  1. fever2tell

    August 5, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    heh. this just reminded me of why i don’t spend my money at wal mart.

    not only is it full of tacky shit that falls apart, they’re anti-union too.


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