soda pop will bring us together

22 Aug

A few notes on pop (aka “tonic”, “soda”, “sugar water”, etc.)

First off, there’s this Coke commercial from the Olympics, which I really like.  It features LeBron James and Yao Ming, facing off in a 3-d rendered tit-for-tat of cultural stereotypes.  The whole affair reminds me of Sid Meier’s Civilization, for some reason, although to be fair, most things do.

I don’t know if Coca-Cola will bring us together (especially because, according to Dave Barry, “Coca cola” means “bite the wax tadpole” in Chinese), but it’s probably a start.

Secondly, on a non-Olympics related note, phosphates.  This is an AIM conversation between my friend Emily, who is 21, and I.

Paradoxvulpin (12:51:01 AM): my father would give me a penny to run down to the corner store and purchase myself a piece of salt-water taffy.  phosphates were a nickel.
Hobbit Em (12:51:12 AM): *shakes head* liar
Hobbit Em (12:51:14 AM): you’re not that old
Paradoxvulpin (12:51:19 AM): dude, what is a phosphate?
Hobbit Em (12:51:31 AM): something chemistry-related
Hobbit Em (12:51:35 AM): I forget what
Hobbit Em (12:51:59 AM): but you can’t be that old because…  you just can’t

Paradoxvulpin (12:53:02 AM): i’m 82.
Hobbit Em (12:53:04 AM): lair
Paradoxvulpin (12:53:05 AM): sorry.
Hobbit Em (12:53:06 AM): *liar
Paradoxvulpin (12:53:06 AM): 28.
Hobbit Em (12:53:12 AM): that’s more like it
Paradoxvulpin (12:53:12 AM): next week, i’ll be 92.
Hobbit Em (12:53:20 AM): *shakes head*
Paradoxvulpin (12:53:30 AM): ‘s true.  my birthday is monday.
Hobbit Em (12:53:36 AM): I know your birthday is
Hobbit Em (12:53:42 AM): but you’re transposing digits again, dear
Paradoxvulpin (12:53:43 AM): no, like, phosphates were something you drank.
Paradoxvulpin (12:54:00 AM): like a soda or a milkshake.
Hobbit Em (12:54:05 AM): *raises eyebrow*
Paradoxvulpin (12:54:31 AM): yeah, they had them back in the olden days.
Hobbit Em (12:54:45 AM): sure, sure
Hobbit Em (12:54:56 AM): back in the deepest darkest 1980s?
Paradoxvulpin (12:55:12 AM): no.  back then all we had was Tab.
Paradoxvulpin (12:55:18 AM): and, dagnurbit, we LIKED IT.
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