DNC Day Two: Huey f&%$king Lewis? Really?

27 Aug

First, the band.

The DNC has, on one level, reminded me of watching beach volleyball at the Olympics and the one time I ever went to a strip club:  after a while, I started noticing the music more than the rest of the stuff.

The DNC appears to be employing Denver’s whitest funk band to play snippets of various old pop songs as people come out to say their piece.  If you were watching on C-Span last night (you mean you weren’t?) then you may have seen Dennis Kucinich enter the hall to – I kid you not – “Love Rollercoaster.”  Cuz he’s an Ohio Player, you see.

They played “Isn’t She Lovely” for Michelle Obama a few nights ago, which was nice, and “Still The One” for Uncle Teddy Kennedy, which was equally nice, but it all somehow seems very uncool.  The build-up to the historic announcement of the first African-American nominee for a major political party has been, thus far, scored by the same band that played your prom.

Hillary told her throng of increasingly hysterical supporters to stop paying attention to her and to throw their support behind Sen. Obama.  Her reasoning seemed to be “because, really, could he be any worse than the other guy?”, but never mind that.  It was good to see her up there, and the video tribute someone did for her was truly moving.  It looked like something someone cooked up on their Macbook, but in a good way.  Like it was heartfelt and homespun.  I wonder if Chelsea herself made it.

Chelsea was there, by the way, introducing Mom.  I’ve always felt exceptionally bad for Chelsea Clinton, who had the misfortune of being an exceptionally awkward-looking kid with very famous parents, but she seems to have come through it okay.  She was, as Wayne and Garth once predicted, a “babe in waiting.”

What her Mom said – and did – that was so important was this: she made it very clear that it was not about her.  Which, frankly, some of us kind of sort of almost maybe believed, a little – that she was in this race because, dammit, the Presidency was hers and nobody puts baby in the corner.  However, she did make it very clear that the things she stood for, Barack Obama stood for as well.  And people aren’t kidding when they say that she pretty much proved a woman could , and will, be President.  The “cracks in the glass ceiling” metaphor is quite apt.

The keynote speaker was supposed to be Mark Warner, and it sort of was, in as much as he was listed as the “keynote speaker.”  The guy you wanted to watch, though, is Brian Schweitzer, the genial, Bubba-like Democratic Governor of Montana, who gave John McCain a good smacking from the podium.

Heh heh… “all of John McCain’s back yards.”  We’re not gonna let that one rest, are we?   Again, it’s not the fact that he doesn’t know how many houses he owns, it’s that he has so many homes he doesn’t have to know, which means he’s out of touch and can’t do math and would therefore be a suck President.

The Democrats are, in general, getting slightly better at “being on the attack.”  I heard “Country Club Economics” a lot, which is a pretty good term and let’s hope it works its way into the public consciousness.  “Four more months” is kind of funny, too, even though technically it’s either three or five, depending.  Look, we’re getting there, all right?  Our parents read us “I’m OK, You’re OK” while we were in the womb.  Karl Rove’s mommy read him the Necronomicon.

And that’s what I have for today.  See you tomorrow, when we’ll talk about Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and the angry white male vote.

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One response to “DNC Day Two: Huey f&%$king Lewis? Really?

  1. Bill D.

    August 28, 2008 at 7:55 am

    Look, if a Hobbit like Kucinich can land a leggy, gorgeous, British redhead like Elizabeth there, then maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this “Ohio Player” thing, you know? I mean, even potential political influence can only take you so far with the ladies when you look that much like Ross Perot.

    And yes, that’s all I have to say in reaction to this long, well-written piece on the Democratic National Convention… something about Kucinich’s mightily attractive wife. I accept that I’m part of what’s wrong with this country.


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