Cliff Stoll: this video has nothing to do with politics

08 Sep

I’m sorry about the last couple of weeks – some of you dig it when I get all political, some less so.  I know the whole process makes me angry and un-fun.  If you ever really want to make me un-fun, read me something that was written by somebody with blinders on, who can only see one point of view and who doesn’t realize that their argument makes no sense.   Especially if that person’s, well, mean.

Cliff Stoll is not mean.  Cliff Stoll has nothing to do with politics.  Cliff Stoll barely has anything to do with this planet, except that his presence here makes things really, really interesting.  He’s an astronomer who brought down a KGB hacker in the 1980s.  He’s a computer geek who deeply misrusts computer culture.  He’s a stay-at-home dad who makes Klein bottles.  You know what a Klein bottle is?  It’s a one-sided 3D object.  Consider your mind blown wide open.

If you think mad scientist types are awesome (and I do: I was raised by an eco-warrior, a biblical archaeologist, and an Atari 800XL) you’ll love Mr. Stoll.  Here he is – possibly the most refreshing person you’ll ever hear speak on the subject of anything.  It’s a TED lecture he gave two years ago on, well, the universe, basically, and it’s great.

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