the crackpots and these women

09 Oct

….is the title of an early episode of The West Wing, probably my third favorite show of all time (eventually, I’ll get around to listing them all for ya, because I’m sure you care so very much.)

Let Bartlet Be Bartlet, yall.

Bartlet: about to become the second-best President ever.

Maureen Dowd asked Wing creator Aaron Sorkin to write a scene where Sen. Barack Obama met the fictional President Josiah Bartlett (portrayed by Martin Sheen before he fell out of a window near South Station), and you can read it here.  Good stuff, and further proof that Sorkin needs to get himself another show sometime soon.

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One response to “the crackpots and these women

  1. Bill D.

    October 9, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Well, a better new show. One where every episode isn’t a thinly veiled plea to get back together with Kristen Chenowith.


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