baby, can you dig your man?

23 Oct

He’s a righteous man.

Perhaps you’ve never read The Stand by Stephen King, and perhaps you’ve never even seen the not-that-bad ABC miniseries they made based on it.  That’s cool, but you’re missing out on the greatest work of American story telling of the late 20th century.  Yeah, even better than (Insert Name Of High Falutin’ John Updike Book) or (Insert Name Of Tragic Struggle For Ethnic Identity).  The Stand kicks ass, and in 100 years or so, it’ll be considered as influential and as important as Moby Dick.

Maybe we’re too close to the subject matter right now, as it deals with the religiosity of American culture, the apocalypse, biological weaponry, a desperate government, good and evil, damnation, and redemption.  It was written in the late ’70s and amended in 1990, and it inspired a lot of people to think about the big picture, and the consequences of their actions.

There’s a new comic book adaptation of The Stand, which was just launched.  Haven’t picked it up yet, but I might run over to Hub Comics and do that today, now that I’m thinking about it.

Stephen King (go Blackbears!) gave an interview to Salon about The Stand and God and politics, which is pretty fascinating and you should go read it.

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