this stupid election just got stupider

24 Oct

According to Wonkette: Ashley Todd, a volunteer for the McCain campaign, has told police that she was attacked by a crazed, black Obama supporter at an ATM in Pittsburgh who saw her car parked outside with a McCain bumper sticker on it. This is the picture she took immediately after the attack.  Drudge is all over this story, as you can imagine.

Except that she decided to document her search for a Bank of America ATM on Twitter just before the attack, and really, who does that?  I mean, Twitter may be nothing but a self-indulgent stream of minutae (“going to make a sandwich” “getting out the bread” “oh no! we’re out of mayonnaise!”) but this is a bit much.,

And the “B” the attacker supposedly carved into her cheek is backwards.

Also, the backwards B is very well written, especially considering that there must have been quite a struggle.

Also, it’s not very deep.

Also, black eyes usually cause swelling.

Also, black eyes are usually purple, not black.

Also, the backwards B isn’t cut very deep, and it’s even all the way around, and there’s no sign (in this photograph) of bleeding.

Also, the attack supposedly happened outside the field of view of the ATMs security cameras, and ATMs in places like downtown Pittsburgh have security cameras all over the place.

Also, she didn’t seek medical attention.

Also, why carve a B when an O is easier?

Yeah.  None of this makes sense.  Even Michelle Malkin, the woman behind the “Rachel Ray is a Palestinian terrorist ‘cuz she wore a scarf once” kerfuffle, isn’t buying it.  If it turns out she was really attacked, I’m a terrible person, but I’m going to go ahead and say that this is just a sad, sad person with lots of issues, who thinks she can use fear and racism to swing the campaign her way.  Having said that, Fox News will be all over this nonsense in the morning, and I guarantee you, once this is exposed as a hoax, you won’t hear them retract it.

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One response to “this stupid election just got stupider

  1. Jon

    October 24, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    You were right, sir! Check it.


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