barack tv II

30 Oct

You know what?  That was pretty effective.

They focused, mainly, on the concerns of hard-workin’ middle class Americans struggling to make ends meet in the “new economy,” and Sen. Obama dropped some science about how alternative energy and cars that run on tofu are gonna save us all.  Well done.

The part about the retired couple really got me – again, McCain and his supporters can natter on about how Barack’s policies are socialism all they like, but any system that requires a 74-year old guy to go back to work at Wal-Mart after working hard his whole life, just so he can provide medicine for his sick wife…. that’s not American capitalism at work.  That’s not the American dream.   That, my friends, (in the words of one impartial analyst) is some Les Miserables shit right there.  Again, I don’t know if Obama can fix all the things he wants to fix, but I admire his willingness to acknowledge the source of the problem.

Problem is, I worry about the over-exposure/ego thing, especially “post-poning the World Series so this jerk can dance around on tv for half-an-hour,” because said World Series was between two teams who play in swing states.  I thought it was good, but I’m voting for him anyway.  I wonder how it played in Peoria (or, more accurately, Lancaster and St. Petersburg.)

And then there’s this quote, from a McCain advisor (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:)

In an email briefing to reporters this morning, a McCain aide also quipped, “If infomercials were a winning campaign strategy, Billy Mays would be President of the United States and every American would own Mighty Putty or Oxi Clean.”

Hate to admit it, but that’s pretty funny.

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One response to “barack tv II

  1. Lauryn

    October 30, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Shamwow, I’m telling you. ShamWOW.


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