weekly dig FTW

30 Oct

Boston’s other alternative weekly, The Weekly Dig,  came out with dualing covers today mimicing the style of the Globe and the Herald, and wondering what life was going to be like in 2012 under President Obama/Palin (McCain, apparently, passed away three months into his first term, leaving America’s First Hockey Mom in charge, you betcha.)

If you can dig up a copy (oh ho ho), check out the text on the Globe parody – it details the third and final Presidential debate between Pres. Palin and Sen. Hillary Clinton, and the third debate in which Clinton reduces Palin to tears.   The Obama cover is pretty much what you’d expect from a  “cranky old man” paper like the Herald (sorry, Heidi), but as a resident of Somerville, I can’t help but love the Green Line extention gag at the top.   Seriously, they’ve been trying to build a Green Line stop in my neighborhood since Archibald Query was still making Marshmallow Fluff in his kitchen.

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One response to “weekly dig FTW

  1. Jon Martin

    October 30, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    Funny, I saw the Jeter headline and thought it was a legitimate paper… until I read that sub-heading! *cymbal crash* Hey, tip your waiters…


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