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a very special christmas special: Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa (or: Who Killed Mindy Cohn?)

I did this last year and people seemed to like it, so I’m doing it again.  For the next month or so, I’ll be reviewing Christmas specials of days gone by, including some Very Special Christmas Episodes and Christmas movies.  If you have any suggestions of beloved holiday classics you want to see me eviscerate lovingly scold, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


We’ll start off this festive season by getting obscure.  Real obscure.  So obscure, in fact, that even I have no memories of this special, and I’m a guy who remembers Hi, Honey, I’m Home.

Back in the 80s, NBC had a serious TV line up.  It had Cosby.  It had Cheers.  It had LA Law and Silver Spoons.  It had Knight Rider.  And oh did it ever like to strut its stuff (peacock-like, of course) by presenting its galaxy of stars in a series of Special Presentations.

Yes.  Let’s all be there.  NBC was the cock of the walk in those days.  Strut strut strut.  Case in point: Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa. Oh yes, we’re very obscure today, folks.

I don’t think this is the complete special.  If anyone has it, or has access to it, then God yes I want to see it.  Especially if there’s more crazy shenanigans from the NBC kids.   Oh, those crazy NBC kids.  Always getting into trouble with their DUIs and breast reductions and such.

This is, of course, before all that.  This is from 1985,  a simpler time, a time when you could play on the audiences nostalgia of an even simpler time by dragging out friendly Andy Williams and his friendly sweaters and having him sing to a gaggle of adorable anklebiters.  Especially if the adorable anklebiters are, in this case, highly paid tele-brats.

Witness the magic for yourself below the cut.

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not that I’m watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade….

….but Rick Astley keeps popping up everywhere.  Just a few minutes ago, he popped up on the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends float.  This is NBC/Macy’s way of portraying the “Rick-rolling” phenomenon, which has been discussed elsewhere in this text.

Old media totally doesn’t get new media, but it’s cute that they’re trying.

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geekusa is brought to you by…: The Legend of Zelda on your NES

(from 1988)

See, they’re rapping, which is how the kids talk these days.  Crazy kids, with their rap music.

Pandering to the youth? Absolutely.  It is also, however, the origin of Nerdcore.

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geekusa is brought to you by: wrigley’s Juicy Fruit!

Just don’t, like, choke on your gum and hit a tree, Sonny Bono.

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i have seen the future of fashion

I have.  I know what’s going to be the cool thing to wear in four years.

Now this might sound strange, coming from a guy whose last entry heavilly involved the words “Doctor” and “Who,” but I feel like I’m a geek with a pretty strong grasp on trends, even if I don’t personally follow them.  I’m dead serious about this, though.  I know what all the cool kids will be wearing, and I know exactly why.

In 2009, you will see the return of Hypercolor t-shirts.  Specifically, this Hypercolor shirt.

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New Doctor Who accidentally revealed by nervous co-star on BBC News

Phillip Rhys, who’ll be apperaring in the new BBC sci-fi series The Survivors (based on an old BBC sci-fi series called….um….  The Survivors) popped round for an interview the other day, and in the process of lauding his castmates, may have outed one of them as the actor destined to replace David Tennant as the next Doctor Who.   (We’ll discuss this person after the cut, because it’s really still all speculation, and I don’t want to look like a doof.)

(From io9 and Tachyon TV)

Whoops.  To be fair, most people who’ve been paying attention to this sort of thing thought it was going to be this person (they’re actually placing bets about it, and this person is the 3-1 shot.) 

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wonder if she’ll pardon Ted Stevens next…

From Wonkette/MSNBC:   Come Thanksgiving-time, elected officials will occasionally pardon a ceremonial turkey.  It’s sort of a cute ritual every year, an official apology to the noble birds upon whom we shall feast mightilly, yea verily.  The turkey is native to North America, donchaknow, and I always looked at the pardoning ceremony as a way of thanking the land upon which we built our nation.   Or, you know, all the Indians we killed and stuff.

Now, then.  The Governor of Alaska is a woman named Sarah Palin.  Perhaps you’ve heard of her.  She took it upon herself to pardon a thanksgiving turkey, as is her right as Governor of our largest state, and held a press conference immediately afterwards.  Like you do.

Prrrrrrrrrrrroblem is… she held the press conference right in front of a gore-splattered turkey slaughterhouse of doomy death!  While a guy was feeding a turkey into the turkey-grinder!!!

There’s video.  It’s awesome.

Now, I’m not saying Mrs. Palin is dumb, or bloodthirsty, or whatever.  You have to admit, though, she’s ridiculously media un-savvy.  I mean, even I, with my four-year state school theater degree, could tell ya that you never, ever want to be in a situation like this when there’s a camera running.


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